Thursday, 16 March 2017

Half Price Dog and Family Photoshoots

For one month only...

...  Hairy Dog Photography is offering half price photography sessions in Herrington Country Park.  If you've been thinking about having some professional photos of your dog for a while, now's a good time to dive in!  The sun is (mostly) shining, the mud is (mostly) drying up and the world is finally beginning to get green again.

Your one hour session includes a web gallery and a 9x6" print, all for just £35 instead of the usual £70.  The only thing I ask is that the session is held in Herrington Park where there's a good mix of backdrops - everything from woodland to open grassy areas.

Although I specialise in natural photos of your dog in action, I'm just at home taking lovely still portraits too, so don't worry if your dog is easily distracted or not allowed off their lead.

 It's super easy to book your session.  Just call me (Jamie) on 07866127732 / 01915845442 or drop me an email at

Why the big discount?  Well, after 12 lovely years of being a photographer here in NE England, Hairy Dog is moving to Aberdeen, so I'm happy to offer this 'last minute' discount to new and existing clients.

In short then;

  • Payment must be made prior to your session - please call or email to schedule
  • Your session should be taken between 18th March 2017 and 18th April 2017
  • Session cost is £35, including web gallery, one hour photoshoot and print
  • All sessions to be held in Herrington Country Park
  • You can buy any other prints and products from your gallery but there is absolutely no hard sell at all
  • Feel free to bring the whole family if you'd like some informal, professional photos of them too!

A few FAQs...

  • What if it's raining?  I'm always happy to reschedule.  No-one likes photos of a soggy dog
  • Can I bring more than one dog?  Yes - so long as both dogs are part of the same household
  • My dog is reactive / not allowed of the lead - is this OK?  Absolutely yes!  The park is large enough that we can always find a quiet corner, even on the busiest days

    So please do get in touch today for this last-gasp offer from Hairy Dog
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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Autumn Special Offers from Hairy Dog!

Hairy Dog, home of specialist dog photography throughout the north east, covering Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear and the whole of the north east.

It's Officially Autumn! 

My favourite season for dog photoshoots.  To celebrate, Hairy Dog Photography is offering full, hour long sessions for just £40 instead of £70!  You can also buy a gift voucher for the same price if you're being super organised about Christmas presents.  All purchases are valid for a year and can be bought up until midnight on the 20th of October.  Click here to buy your dog gift vouchers or photoshoot.  The price includes a web gallery and a free 9x6" print of your favourite image.

photo of a collie dog in Darlington

It really is a lovely time of the year to have photos with, or of, your four legged companion.  Just the right mix of mists, sunshine and colour.  If you have a dog as hairy as mine, he'll likely be a bit more active than during the Summer months too!  As above, you don't need to use the session / gift voucher straight away - both are valid for a whole year but the discounted price is only available until the 20th of October, so do be quick.  If you'd like to know a bit more about Hairy Dog, please have a look at the website: Dog portraits-action dog photography-north east

Golden Retriever in a Darlington park in Autumn
Fantastic Autumn colours compliment this dog's coat.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to the location - in less than a month, we'll see the leaves turn some amazing shades of yellow, red and orange.  Just down the road from Hairy Dog HQ is Herrington Country Park which has a great mix of woodland and open fields.  And just over the road is Penshaw Monument and the woods and river beyond.  I'm always happy to travel though, so if you know of a stunning location, just let me know.

Beautiful landscape photo with dog at Hadrians wall
This one was taken on the Hadrian's Wall Footpath.  The leaves had already fallen but the mist in the background adds bags of atmosphere!
English Setter dog photography north east
Another Autumnal dog photoshoot in the north east.
If you'd love some professional photographs of your dog against a beautiful Autumnal backdrop, please do buy your dog photography session soon - the offer only runs until the 20th of October but you can have your session at any time for a full year afterwards.

hairy dog photography gift vouchers north east thorp perrow arboretum
A Beardie puppy at Thorp Perrow Arboretum, near Middleton Tyas.
A basset hound photograph at Gosforth by Hairy Dog Photography
Early Autumn and a Basset Hound near Gosforth.
Jamie Emerson, Hairy Dog Photography
Beautiful Collie on a carpet of Autumn leaves in a Darlington park.
So please don't hold back - treat yourself to a discounted session - the price will revert to £70 after the 22nd of October.  Or if you're a bit stuck for a present for a doggy friend, a gift voucher is always appreciated, and the vouchers are also included in this special offer.  Call me (Jamie) on 07866127732 or use my contact page to get in touch :-)

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Hairy Dog Photography Minisessions are GO!

Summer Minisessions with Hairy Dog.

It's almost Summer,  the weather still isn't guaranteed but nonetheless, I'm being brave and opening up limited bookings for doggy minisessions.  These are 25 minute photoshoots in a set location (Herrington Park for the first few) at less than half the price of a normal photoshoot.  Hairy Dog has been up and running since 2005 and I absolutely love working with dogs of all sizes.

For just £30, you get a 25 minute session, a web gallery to show off your photos and a quality 9x6" print of your favourite image.  Hairy bargains Batdog!  I've also advertised these sessions on the Hairy Dog Facebook page, so please be quick to book as I hope to be quite full, quite quickly :-)

Given the timescale, these shoots will concentrate more on beautifully lit portraiture of your dog, rather than the usual action photography (which involves me running around after your dog in a wood / on a beach for an hour or so!).  That said, if there's time, we'll certainly get a few photographs of your dog in action.  You can see the sort of photos to expect in this little video...  Or head over to the main website to see a slideshow of images

Herrington Country Park is the perfect location - lots of variety in a fairly compact space - woodland, open fields, lakes, Penshaw Monument in the background.  Please do take a second to check the FAQs on the booking page here - Durham Minishoot Booking Page and please do spread the word, thank you :-)

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How to Take Photos of your Dog in the North East...

...Using flash, a Nikon 24-70mm lens and some Yongnuo 622n Triggers.

Well, today's plan was to head up to Roseberry Topping in North Yorkshire but at the very last minute, I changed my mind - mostly because the original hairy dog was doing his nut in the boot of the car ( it's an estate car, bought purely to transport the afore-mentioned mutt ).  Instead, we made a left turn and ended up at The Secret Garden in Sunderland.  Sunderland has some nice bits and some awful bits.  This is one of the nice bits.

In my bag was a Nikon SB-800 flashgun, an eBay beauty dish, an eBay reflector ( basically a bit of material with silver on one side and black on the other, with velcro all round - a bit like Neil van Niekerk's black foamy thing), an umbrella, a light stand and a bracket.  Lots of my dog photography sessions involve a loooong walk so weight is always a consideration.  I also took along a Nikon D700, the 24-70mm lens and a couple of Yuongno 622n triggers - the best in the business, so far, bar none.

My intention was to compare flash modifiers - bare flash, shoot through brolly, reflected brolly, beauty dish and a Sto-Fen diffuser.  Needless to say, I'm already very well aware that a BIG flash bounced off a brolly will give the softest light but I was interested to see what would happen using all of the above on a sunny day with a white dog.  This is what Google calls, "original research" and the good people at Google love that stuff.  Show me another blog with white dogs and modifiers.  I dare you.


Here's the reflected brolly shot.  I do understand that much of this is meaningless without the ISO, aperture, f-stop etc but I show these purely to advise on the quality of light, rather than the tech specs...

dog photography by hairy dog in sunderland, doxford

This is the shoot through brolly shot - notice that the light is a bit harder than above.

This is the eBay Beauty Dish - look at that harsh shadow.

And on to the silver reflector velcroed on to the flash gun.  Easily the lightest, most portable modifier.

Sunderland dog photographer, jamie emerson, hairy dog photography
Back to the shoot through brolly for the next few...

My first ever Hairy Dog photoshoot utilised this stump, so it's a special place, cheers Terry and Benson, R.I.P.

doxford park pet photography by hairy dog in the north east
At this point, a friendly chap showed up with two Chow-Chows.  My lights were already set up and he was pleased to have a few photos taken of mother and daughter.

secret garden portrait photography by hairy dog
Sadly, these Chow-Chows seemed incapable of keeping their eyes open for more than five seconds :-D

Artistic pet photographer and photographic portraits north east
This is what I do.  Fine art pet photography in the north east.  Thoughtful dog.

Do feel free to visit the site, leave a comment or just hold some of this info / these images in your head for a few hours.  When I set out this afternoon, I already knew that a big flash reflected off a big brolly would give the softest light.  I knew what settings on the camera would give a dark background, I knew what settings would allow the ambient light to permeate.  But it's always worth a quick round of experimentation, especially with new kit.  Every day's a school day :-D

Monday, 30 June 2014

Half Price Dog Photoshoot Offer - Limited to just 10 spaces - July Only.

It's not very often I run any special offers here at Hairy Dog Photography but if we're going to have another hopelessly muddy, wet Winter ( and I'm sure we will! ) then I'd like to make the most of the beautiful sunny weather we're having now.  Not to mention the amazing palette of every shade of green in the visible spectrum in the north east countryside!

So, the deal is, a half price, hour long photo session pretty much anywhere in the north east ( including Durham, Northumberland, Darlington, Newcastle and Sunderland ), a half price montage design and a half price full size, hi-res download of the finished design.  That's just £65 instead of £130!  The finished montage can be printed up to one metre on the long side as often as you like.  I just send you the link and you download it to your computer or memory stick with one easy click.  If you're buying as a gift, just let me know and I'll send you one of our glossy gift voucher cards in a fitted envelope.

Here's the link to buy your deal,right at the top of the page: Half price north east dog portraits

Here's an example of what the finished montage design will look like.  You can choose up to 12 photos but often, less is more.

north east dog portrait voucher code by hairy dog photography

There are still the usual options to buy further prints / downloads but absolutely no obligation or pressure at all.  Please feel free to call me ( Jamie ) on 07866127732 for a chat, or visit the Hairy Dog Photography website here: Specialist dog portraiture in the north east

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Misty day Dog Photography, Portable Studios and Wasted Energy

Jamie Emerson runs Hairy Dog Photography in the North East of England covering Durham, Newcastle, Darlington, Northumberland and beyond.  Bespoke pet photographer, specialising in outdoor, lifestyle portraiture.

Almost every time I step out for a dog walk...

...I'll have a camera of some kind with me.  Sometimes I'll also have high hopes of a decent photograph but usually it's purely force of habit.  Today looked 'interesting' outside - huge rolling fog banks drifting through hollows, causing trees to suddenly loom up before being immediately wreathed in mist again.

So rather than the usual point and shoot, or small DSLR with one small, prime lens, I hefted one of the big cameras into my rucksack along with the monstrous 70-200mm lens.  A weighty combo.  I'm sure that most of us have gone for a walk with a camera, only to return home without the blooming thing leaving its bag.  Well, I do that a lot, so if I have the 'Big Guns' with me, I pretty much force myself to take at least one photo.And yes, it was pretty much a waste of effort - what should have been a set of beautiful, ghostly, ethereal photos was in reality, some photos of greyness with hints of tree...

Photo of a misty Durham landscape by Jamie Emerson of Hairy Dog

Pet photographer Jamie Emerson walks through a misty Durham field

Newbottle Church in heavy mist by Jamie Emerson

In light of the lack of visible subject matter, I reverted to my default setting of dog photographer and got one passable shot of Kasper in the woods, where the fog was less thick.  So at least carrying the big camera for a few miles wasn't a complete waste of effort!

Dog photographer Jamie Emerson of Hairy Dog

In other news, I recently visited Charlie the Spaniel in Byker, Newcastle for an indoor pet portrait photography session.  My portable studio squeezes into surprisingly small spaces and although I do specialise in outdoor, lifestyle portrait work, I'm equally at home in a studio and always relish the chance to get creative with the lighting.  Charlie and his people behaved admirably throughout - you can see his full gallery here on the hairy dog website.

bespoke dog photography in north east by hairy dog

If you'd like to book your dog in for a session, please feel free to pop over to the main Hairy Dog website to learn more or get in touch using the hairy dog contact page.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Coffee table photo books

Beautiful hardcover little black books!

Lots of people are not so good about making up their minds - it's the human condition.  Faced with 40 beautiful photos of a favourite dog, it's not surprising - most of my clients want all of them!

For all these people, may I introduce my Little Black Books.  These are 14 page albums containing 26 photographs from your session.  They're a lovely, dinky size at 7x5".  The pages are top quality photographic paper bonded to a really super-thick substrate.  The quality really is amazing.  So much better than any of the online photobooks available.  Just the perfect solution for those who can't decide which are their favourites.

Here's what they look like...

newcastle dog and pet portrait photographer, jamie emerson
You may choose to have printing on the front cover

Super-thick pages are UV laminated for a very long life

dog photographer north east, jamie emerson
Photographic paper ensures brilliant, vibrant colours

As always, please do take a minute to look through my dog photography from all over the north east and just call Jamie Emerson on 07866127732 to book your session or to ask any questions.  See you on the dog walk :-)